Justify Your Trip!

Why should you attend experiencEDU?

There are plenty of reasons to attend experiencEDU and it might be helpful to have something that spells out the benefits. You know, to convince the boss. How about these?

  • Get the latest on top-level education trends, cutting edge tools, best practices, and hands-on strategies in sessions that are designed to make sure you’re on top of the game.
  • Build capacity. You’ll learn tons and walk away smarter. And then turn around next fall and share all of this with others in your building.
  • Make connections. experiencEDU is designed around the idea that teachers need time to talk with other teachers. So you’ll make connections, meet old friends, make new ones, exchange social media info, and generally supersize your PLN.
  • experiencEDU is super inexpensive. Two and half days of awesome learning for an early bird price of $225. (And that includes morning snacks, the famous Old Town Hotel afternoon brownies, all the soda you can drink, field trips. Oh . . . and door prizes. Did someone say Smart TV? I think they did.)

Convincing the Boss

Do you need to get approval from your administration to attend experiencEDU? We’re here to help with this handy “Justify Your Trip” letter. Copy and paste and then customize it to help explain the value and importance of experiencEDU to you and your school.


Dear Boss,

ESSDACK is hosting experiencEDU on July 17 – 19 and I’d love to attend! experiencEDU is a education conference but it’s really more than that – it’s a gathering of educators a lot like me. Teachers, admins, instructional coaches – all focused on finding the best tools and strategies that will prepare our kids for their future. So I’ll get new ideas, new tools, and perhaps best of all, face-to-face networking that will build my own PLN as well as connect our school with others with similar goals.

But experiencEDU is not your typical ed conference. ESSDACK is planning a different kind of learning. I’m especially excited about their new format this year:

  • multiple 25 minute blocks of time during the first two mornings where I’ll get to experience what high quality learning looks like from a student’s perspective
  • longer afternoon sessions that support in-depth conversations during the afternoon about why my morning learning worked – so the actual tools, strategies, and research.
  • the last morning will focus on planning, brainstorming, and hands-on work time to adapt all this new learning to our building.

Being an impactful professional is about staying ahead of best practices, implementing cutting edges tools, and constantly learning. experiencEDU is all about those ideas! Plus, next fall I’ll be bringing back everything I’ll learn, sharing new ideas and building capacity here in our building.

I would love to attend! So I’m asking for permission and financial support to make the trip. (Did I mention that experiencEDU is just $225 for two and half days of learning goodness? Plus snacks, drinks, and networking reception? I know! It’s a bargain!)

You’re the best – thanks!


Your dedicated employee